Do you love transforming yourself into a completely other character right down to the smallest detail, that is, to not only to portray a character, but become it?

Is it your passion not just to dress up, but to perfect your transformation? Exceptionally perfect?

And isn’t it great when people around you turn into your fans who admire you for your look or transform themselves along with you?

Isn’t it exactly this reaction that makes all that you’ve invested in your transformation worth all your effort?

Then you have are in the right place!

I’m Susanne Klüpfel, master dental technician and costume enthusiast.

In my own dental laboratory, I use my decades of expertise in dental technology to work together with my team to produce fascinating special-effect teeth.

Just pop them in; they will fit perfectly and stay in place effortlessly. All this without any glue and without having to keep any “dental appointment” with me.

My vision is for you to become one with your role and live your creativity to the full. What usually happens is that an otherwise great costume just needs a set of cinematic special-effect teeth to round out a perfect look.

It does not matter if you are a LARPer, cos player or actor.

Let’s work together to make your character unique!

It’s priceless to be completely absorbed in the role.

But the perfect teeth are!