Special-effect teeth for spectacular moments


Do you want to make the next Con or FaRK special? Want to finally feel really authentic in your role? Then treat yourself to custom-made special-effect teeth, that will give you exactly that feeling. Whether LARP or Cosplay, Halloween or Carnival, theater or film, zombies, pirates, trolls, steampunk, dragon children, the undead or apocalypse? No matter what garment or costume you choose to wear, or what character you are portraying: Teeth that match your costume’s special-effect will perfect your individual look.

As a professional dental technician who loves authentic costumes, I specialize in custom solutions for disguises and LARP characters. The result of my enthusiasm was to begin making Zahnspektakel special-effect teeth, which I produce together with my team.

These are not dentures or classic dentures, but rather, are spectacular special-event perfection to round out any costume.



These special-effect teeth are individually made for you and will work perfectly with the character you are portraying at your next event. We look forward to working together with you to realize your special wishes and perfect your ideas. You will look uniquely authentic.



Our special-effect teeth will take your appearance to the next level, will make you stand out and bring your characterto life. Because it’s only when everything you are wearing is comfortable and works together seamlessly that you can fully engage in the game and immerse yourself in its world. As a result, you create a fascinating special-effect for you and others.



The material we use to make these teeth is important, which is why we work exclusively with high-quality dental plastics and fit these special-effect teeth exactly to your teeth. This ensures that your teeth will last a long time and will remain easy to handle—never needing any glue or any other special aids to stay in place comfortably. This professionalism on our part will help you enjoy your event to the max.


Lightning-fast turnaround on your special-effect teeth promise a perfect hold. They are extremely comfortable and allow you to speak naturally, and react quickly and effortlessly to any situation. Treat yourself to this comfort! Your LARP event or even your Carnival event will be much more pleasant because you do not have to constantly think about whether your teeth are right. So you just have fun!

Advantages of special-effect teeth

Even though effect teeth are not medical dentures, quality is enormously important to us. That’s why we use all our expertise to make spectacular moments possible for you.

In short:


  • No adhesives, just slip your special-effect teeth on over your own teeth for a comfortable fit—and forget them.
  • Custom-made special-effect teeth that do not require any appointment at the dentist’s office
  • They are comfortable to wear and easy to work with
  • These teeth will make your costume look absolutely authentic
  • We use only high-quality dental plastics normally used in the field of dental technology
  • We enjoy fulfilling individual wishes and providing personal advice
  • These teeth will last a long time and can be used multiple ways